The novelty of January sun!

It’s hard to believe it’s only January when you’ve just got back from a 3hr ride in the sun, having started your day with a sea swim followed by coffee in the sun. But this is what happens when you’re lucky enough to spend 12 days in Lanzarote in the depths of winter…. Winter gloves and overshoes seem a long time ago.

Along with Eimear Mullan, Tamsin Lewis and Liam Dolan, we’re being completely spoilt by the wonderful Debs and Daz, the owners at Tri Sports Lanzarote (, a new triathlon centred training venue not far from Puerto del Carmen.

It’s an incredible set up with an enormous stunning villa (far too big for the 4 of us!) and a soon to be completed 25 m pool that will make it the envy of anywhere else on the island.

So is this a holiday or a training camp or a bit of both? Certainly I joked with the guys at work that I was going off to the sun to work at my ‘other job’ though they didn’t take that comment very seriously! However to me, travelling to the sun to do what I love for a bit certainly doesn’t seem like work and it definitely feels like I’m on holiday. Especially when all I have to do all day is train, eat vast quantities of Debs’s healthy home cooked food and put my feet up. Very different to my hectic life in the UK!

We’ve been getting in some solid hours of fun training and though Eimear and I possibly got a bit carried away at the start I think we’ve managed to get a good balance of quality and quantity – as my coach said, “tired is good, wasted less so”. Long may it last!

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