Lucy is one of very few professional athletes who has juggled a demanding career with professional racing. She has a first class degree from Cambridge University and worked as a practicing cancer doctor in the NHS for 6 years, before starting her kidney cancer research in 2009.

Lucy started triathlon as a novice with no sports background in 2006 while working full time. Her somewhat surprising rise within the triathlon world highlights what people can accomplish if they combine passion, enthusiasm, determination, and a never give up attitude. Lucy is a prime example of someone who has done this. Lucy has a wide range of experience as a public speaker, including;

  • Presentation of scientific research at National and International conferences
  • Centre stage talks at the London Triathlon show (2014, 2015)
  • Motivational talks to schools
  • After dinner speeches at oncology meetings
  • Performance talks to triathlon clubs

Her informal, engaging style make her a popular & inspirational speaker who is equally happy presenting to large groups of professionals or working with small groups of children